Altran y Solera, dos compañías más apostando por Codemotion


¡Somos ingeniería, tecnología, innovación…!

Todo esto resumido en un concepto, somos: INNOVATION MAKERS! Además de empresa TOP EMPLOYER y Certificada como FAMILIARMENTE RESPONSABLE.

Más de 26.000 ingenieros y profesionales en todo el mundo desarrollamos día a día soluciones tecnológicas de vanguardia para nuestros clientes nacionales e internacionales. Nos convertimos en partners y hacemos realidad sus ideas a través del desarrollo de proyectos y servicios aplicando las tecnologías emergentes que van un paso más allá de lo que ya está pasando: industria 4.0, IOT, robótica, impresión 3D, realidad virtual, inteligencia artificial y machine learning, mobile, cloud & software solutions, digital & big data, vehículos autónomos…

Llevamos más de 30 años promoviendo la innovación en diferentes sectores: Aeronáutico, Ferroviario, Automoción, Farma, Energía, Telecomunicaciones o Sector Público.

Nosotros queremos seguir innovando. ¿Qué quieres hacer tú?


Solera Holdings, Inc. was founded by Tony Aquila in 2005 to bring about a digital evolution of the insurance industry, starting with the processing of insurance claims.

Today, our offerings bring together insurers, OEMs, dealers, SMR industry participants, and our customer’s customers, creating a digital marketplace that empowers the customer to manage the entire life of their vehicle in a single platform.
When it comes to asset and risk management for the home and vehicle, Solera is the major player on the international stage, managing huge volumes of valuable data, building revolutionary tools and developing a number of game-changing technologies.
Having made its mark on the map, its current challenge is to create a digital marketplace where customers can manage the entire lifecycle of their home or vehicle from a single platform.
Introducing Global Data & Content — think of us as the lab where Solera products are born.

You’ll find us strategically sprinkled across key international checkpoints. With the help of a disruptive technology stack, a team of multinational talent and the ability to step back and see the bigger picture, our aim is to add value to Solera product and service offerings and its culture around the world.
Global Data & Content is charged with developing and maintaining Solera’s data, making it available at the drop of a hat, and tailored to the needs of each individual territory. By leveraging market research and analytics, we ensure that Solera stays competitive, adds value, and continues to do what it does better. And wherever you see the ‘G’ you’ll know the Global Standard for Accuracy has been met.

The results of our investigations are then verified and wrapped up in digital solutions that meet today’s industry demands and innovations that predict the demands of the future.

A wise man once said: “those who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world are usually the ones that do.”
So here’s to the crazy ones; the risk takers; the digital visionaries.