The keynote

Codemotion includes a compelling reason to get there early in the morning: the keynote. This year we have two big players in the IT industry coming to introduce their latest innovations to the developer community at large.

Friday with Tim Messerschmidt from PayPal

Tim Messerschmidt

Through the huge technological progress the mobile industry made in recent years people's lives changed tremendously. This has a huge effect on the payments industry and makes the act of paying as seamless and frictionless as possible. In this keynote Tim is going to showcase some key technologies that are responsible for this change and will provide a prospect into upcoming standards and trends that will help pushing the boundaries even more.

As a long time mobile and web developer, Tim Messerschmidt channels his knowledge and experience as PayPal’s Lead Developer Evangelist in EMEA. He is passionate about startups and serves as mentor at multiple incubators and accelerators. In his spare time, he leads and creates training classes in all sorts of developer-oriented topics, contributes to Open Source projects and is one of the authors of the Mobile Developer’s Guide to the Galaxy, as well as numerous articles published in print magazines.

Saturday with Ángel Díaz from IBM Bluemix

Ángel Díaz

Community-based open technologies are at the heart of a development renaissance, forcing even the most sophisticated organizations to change how they play the game. What's the driving force behind this transformation? The need for simplicity and innovation, FAST. How do you play today's game: is it with OpenStack? Cloud Foundry? node.js? jQuery? Hadoop? NoSQL? The answer is simple: combine today's leading community-based open technologies with an open architecture to enable unprecedented speed and interoperability across infrastructures, across platforms, and across the internet of things.

Dr. Angel Diaz will discuss how today's developer can reach the next level of innovation & master their trade with open technology. Angel is IBM’s champion and Vice President of Open Technology & Cloud Performance. He is leading a technology transformation to drive both IBM & the market toward a Next Generation Enterprise Software Platform to deliver accelerated client value through interoperability & portability, based upon standards & open source at scale. Passionate about the art-of-the-possible, Dr. Diaz leads a global team that works across open source communities, international organizations & standards consortia to foster development of the next generation of open technologies & to help clients realize their potential by innovating upon an open architecture.