Recording your desktop

This is a small note about how to record your slides while presenting. It should be somewhere in the Internet, but we couldn't find it. So here we go.

During Codemotion, some of the talks will be recorded. If that's your case, you should be aware that the camera will only record the speaker, and not the slides. To make the final composition easier, it would be great if you could record your laptop during your presentation. Otherwise, we would need to do the composition with your slides manually, which can be tricky with all the awesome stuff you youngsters are using these days (like animations, prezi, HTML presentations and such).

It would make our life easier if you could record a screencast of your computer during your presentation, so we can arrange the composition later. This is the software that we recommend for this:

You should probably try doing a dry run before the event, just to check that everything is working as expected. Remember that we would only need to record the slides, no audio is required.